I was going to turn this into an existential post, since that seems to be part of my spiritual unfolding.

It’s true, of course. I am blogging to connect with “like-minded” people. But more importantly, I am gaining confidence to share whatever gifts and talents I have.

This blog will probably hit a lot of different topics, including animal communication and shamanic healing practices, traveling your spiritual path and probably a lot of end-of-life thoughts.

The end-of-life topics are probably the last thing people want to hear about. But I have spent the last 18 months seeing my dad through cancer treatments and his passing, and now, caring for my mom and all the paperwork that goes with selling her house and moving into an assisted care facility. Which she did not initially embrace.

It’s a lonely road and often heartbreaking. But it helps to have the tools to deal with it. So, I will be exploring that, a lot.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to be of service.


14 thoughts on “Why am I here?

  1. I understand the heartbreak from watching a loved one pass from cancer. I had to do that for my husband almost 10 years ago. I journaled about my grief journey and all that brings to light…and continue to do so. Would love to follow your post. It sounds interesting.


  2. I am so sorry, Tippysmom2! I expected to lose my dad, one day, but the heartbreak of losing your husband is wretching. Navigating the treatments, doctors and the paperwork just make it all worse. You try to bring compassion and love to your loved ones, and stand up for them, but oh boy, sometimes the days are long and the nights filled with tears.


  3. That’s for sure. Sorry for your loss and that you had to place your mom in an assisted care facility. I am fortunate to still have both of my parents. I dread the day when I am going to have to say goodbye to one of them and help the other cope.


    1. It can be really challenging, but when I was going through all of dad’s treatments and trying to keep them both in their home, I knew it was sacred work. I didn’t always feel like Miss Happy and Competent, often it was trench warfare. But I learned a lot about myself. I am lucky in having found a shamanic community for spiritual support. I can feel my dads love around me, even though it hurts to miss him. Any kind of loss, and especially a death of spouse and parents, causes a tear in your energy field. Mostly you feel it in your heart, but that’s where ancestor honoring can really help.

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  4. I have just started on my journey toward spiritual development. When I saw your comment in Blogging 101 on Shamanism, I rushed to check out your blog! Eager to read about your stories and to listen to your experiences. Thank you for sharing them!!!


  5. Thank you, Karen, you are so kind!!! ^.^ When I joined Blogging 101, I just thought that it would be a typical class to learn how to blog. But now, I am finding that it is so much more. I’m connecting with some really amazing people, like you!

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  6. It’s the last thing many want to talk about but one of the most necessary. The end of life is inevitable and the more we accept, understand, and prepare ourselves, the more we can embrace the life we have. I am looking forward to read what you post.


      1. My advice would be to focus on not disappointing yourself. As long as you are proud of what you are producing then the critiques of cheeky jerks like me mean less than nothing.

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      2. That, my friend, is a worthwhile aim. If more people would aspire to such our world would be a much more beautiful place to live. 😉


      3. I try. Many times I fail, but the times it works out are a wonderful feeling, are they not? Here’s to a better afternoon and an awesome evening. Cheers!

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