I started communicating with plants during a drive to learn all I could about medicinal herbs.

I typically go down the rabbit hole on any new project, reading everything I can get my hands on, researching, etc. And in the case of plants, I actually followed through with some amazing gardens and a Master Gardener’s certificate.

It was “Findhorn Gardens” though, that startled me into an actual attempt to listen to the plants, the plant spirits and nature.

Findhorn Gardens still exist in Scotland. (Cliff Note: book details the experiences of three people in the early 1960’s who heard the voices of plant spirits. They co-created an amazing garden out of horrible soil.)

If somebody else can do it, I should be able to do it, I thought. So I started listening REALLY HARD. And trying to talk to the plants through my mind. like this ” I LOVE YOU BASIL, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE HERB.”


Doing anything really hard = forcing. And the results were poor.

So what I have learned is to “allow”. Allow myself to listen. Allow the plants to talk. Books tend to present the dialogue as talking. But it is just as often a picture, or a feeling. For me, with the plants, it’s less talking and more of a feeling. Your experience may differ – and that’s as it should be. We all are different in how we best communicate.

Some of the best gardeners I’ve met, operate on an intuitive level. They may or may not believe in plant communication, per SE, but they “know” on some level, what that garden needs.

Which is the bottom line. What is it, that is needed. You won’t find everything in a book. Sometimes the answers are within you.


4 thoughts on “Findhorn Gardens and Plant Communication

  1. This last fall, I took a class with a shamanic practitioner in Iowa on journeying. One of the first journeys that we did, was to find a tree, and to talk with it. I must say, it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. When I came back from that experience, I was actually tearing up with joy, because it touched me so tenderly. The tree was on the verge of losing its leaves for the fall. And, as you said, with plants, communicating with the tree was not so much of a dialogue, but more of shared feelings. It shared with me the joy of being fully present – of the sunlight, the clean air, and this feeling of anticipation! Soon, it would get to watch its leaves change color, and float away in the wind – and the feeling was of elation? But also, I could not help but feel this deep gratification that it had for simply being there, and alive.

    After that experience, I have not spoken to any other plants. However, your blog reminds me that I should be doing this often! Sitting with that tree, it felt as if I were fully grounded with the earth, and suddenly, at least for those moments during my journey, everything else was suspended while we simply enjoyed our existence.

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  2. Thank you for this beautiful, beautiful comment. Yes, the trees are great teachers, so patient and alive. I love how you are able to share the tree’s emotions. I have a great tree-teacher in our yard, that shares and grounds my energy. Don’t fall off your chair laughing, but in Lord of the Rings, I was a fan of the Ents. For me, they were real.

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  3. Oh gosh, the Ents ARE real!!! In fact, I was rather upset when I saw the movie, because in my mind, the Ents are so much bigger than that. They’re like breathtaking Sequoias so high, you can’t see the tops of the branches because they are in the clouds!

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