Our shamanic study group was invited to do a clearing and house blessing over the weekend. The weather gods in Ohio were very good to us – it was sunny and warm – and not that makes any real difference, it just help everyone feel more, well, warm and welcoming.

We were there because the new owner had bought the property through a foreclosure and it felt unsettled to her. Her biggest “tell” however, was that her African Grey Parrot was not settling well.


This is often the threshold for many people: that their animals exhibit signs of uneasiness. Unless you’re open to the idea that energy can somehow be adversely affecting you, you tend to either ignore your gut reaction, or chalk it up to things like, a bad day at work, or just feeling off.

Each of us in the group received photos of the property and of the parrot, and journeyed for information. In my case, I had permission to communicate with the parrot and get receive his impressions of the house.


Houses (well, any place actually) will carry the memory imprint of what’s happened. If you’ve gone to a Civil War Battlefield, (Gettysburg is a big example, but anyplace where there’s been bloodshed), you can feel very uneasy at the least, or even a wide range of emotions. That’s the land’s memory of the trauma. So when you see a “rundown” property you expect to feel “down” when you go inside. After you live there for awhile, you should not feel that way.

As a group, we asked our compassionate helping spirits and the four directions to be present, then we went through the house drumming, saging and ring bells to shake loose any stagnant energy. Some of our members are very intuitive were able to psychopomp some spirits who were stuck.


We offered a hearty blessing, as a group, for the homeowner and her parrot, and offered tobacco and ground cornmeal in thanks to the plant people who dwell on the property.

So I started this post with the idea of writing about communicating with the parrot, but it’s turned more toward honoring our spaces. And I think maybe that’s more important. You don’t need to be all ceremonial, as we were. All the drumming and bell ringing is great, but what you actually need in “intention.” Your intention to keep high vibration energy in your space, and to be conscious of the energy you invite in: No TV or internet in your bedroom! Minimize the news shows, love your family and honor the land you live on, we’re just borrowing it for a bit.


We were able to offer a “new beginning” for this homeowner and she certainly appreciated it, but it’s something for each of us to do, regularly, as part of a gratitude practice for the gifts we have been given.

3 thoughts on “House Blessing

  1. On a certain level, these are the thoughts we should bring to each and every new day. Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of “invisible” energy. As a doctor, I know the body creates electrical and biochemical energies. These can enhance or impair function based on its creation and usage. Since I believe in the concept of BALANCE, if there is energy inside the body, there must also be energy outside the body. Just because my senses may be limited to experiencing this doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    Those willing to open their minds to this philosophy have greater chances of gaining more in life.
    Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

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  2. Thank you for reading! Yes – balance is where we need to be, and I know this is my woo woo-ness, but you can achieve the same results through exercise, maintaining a positive outlook and a daily gratitude practice and taking care of yourself: eat well and right, get a good night’s sleep, minimize the internet yada yada and love the people in your life (and your pets). It’s not all light and love out there, but it can be love, acceptance and serenity “in there.” (journey within).

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