I was following a conversation on social media (lurking). The writer expressed concern over the tone of our political process. Could this mood of fear and anger be released? Is there an answer ? How do we move forward?

90% of the replies included aspects of “think positive” “embrace love” and “good triumphs.” A small minority felt that while positive thought was a good thing, it needed to be backed up with action, that simply wishing away the “bad things” didn’t make it happen.


I am in the small minority section. Keeping peace in your heart and compassion in your soul is 100% “a good thing” and not just for your blood pressure. But stopping there is like blessing the spoiled milk in your refrigerator and then drinking it. It’s still going to make you ill. Because it’s spoiled milk.


This attitude, that if you’re perpetually IN THE LIGHT, that all will be well, ranks right there with my opinion of “do what you love and the money will follow.” You have to make a difference. It’s the same with magic, yes intent is 90% of the work, but there’s that 10% that you have to actually get off your rear-end and do the work. That might mean, networking the heck out of everyone to get the job that you will love, or it might mean fertilizing and weeding the garden you planted or it might mean working at the grass-roots level of a political process to ensure the change you want to see.


So back to the conversation. There were many thoughtful replies, but there was also a die-hard person who insisted that even talking about this, brought in negative vibrations. This person insisted, in shorter and shorter replies, that anything remotely dark or negative, should be avoided at all costs.

Now, if you’re familiar with pagan circles you know there’s a strong element within most traditions of acknowledging that there is darkness, (not a devil, that is a Christian concept). Period. It exists in many forms. (John Lasher Lamb wrote of archons  for more information see “Not in His Image”)

Shamanism works with energies and spirits, and encountering a dark or angry spirit is just a reality. They exist. But you don’t ignore them and hope they go away. You go to someone who can deal with them. Or you do it yourself.

By the end of the conversation, the die-hard was telling people to ask The Council of Fire and another entity, I don’t remember the name. Because they had given him the instructions and all could benefit from their answers.


This comes to my second point. Who are you listening to? There’s a ton of channeled information out there, from the Seth Material to Michael to  A Course in Miracles. Not all channeled material is equal or of a high vibration. It’s like your TV, lots of channels, various content.

I surely support each of us on our path, whatever deities we may embrace or compassionate allies may walk with us. But there are tricky energies out there and they can be smooth operators. They’ll tell you what you want to hear and lead you down the garden path. And they’re not all discarnates. We’ve all met a snake-oil salesman in various forms. No different on the spirit plane.


12 thoughts on “Who are you listening to?

  1. This is a well written diplomatic response to various emotional comments obviously. I stand with you in the belief that ACTIONS are mandated if change is going to occur. We can seek guidance and place our lives in the hands of our spiritual following, but this does not remove our personal responsibility for physical and or mental involvement. I believe, through our ACTIONS we will be guided.
    I hope people (in general) were kind to you because I know your heart and intent are certainly well meaning.

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    1. Personal responsibility is a theme we seem to run across a lot, both in our health and our spiritual aspects. Well, it should be in all aspects, right? If we are to be whole, then you can’t cherry pick what you are responsible for. Holistic is just that, the whole enchilada. And thank you!

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  2. I love your line about the milk! I too believe that we need to be positive but we need to model the positive changes in the world we want to say. It’s only through talking about and therefore bringing attention to negative things can we begin to make positive change happen.

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  3. Hmm I agree. I call it Ostrich Syndrome. People who stick their heads in the sand, plug their fingers in their ears and say ‘Happy thoughts, happy thoughts’ whilst everything burns around them. Yes, positive thinking is good but we have to live beyond our six foot of personal space and take responsibility to try and encourage those needed changes. And this does mean discussing them. They won’t go away on their own.

    Great post, Karen!

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  4. Yes, ostrich with their head in the sand is an apt analogy. Maybe we are reaching a tipping point for change, constructive change. I sound like an old fogey, but there were some genuine efforts made in the 1960’s to bring awareness and change to our culture. Not everything was about Flower Children and peace and love, there were a lot of devastating events, but also there was a movement toward bettering each other’s lives, our communities and the earth.
    And thank you so much for the reblog!.


  5. Now I know not on what political Process you are talking about, as I stay away from mainstream Social Media,(I do not like people that much) but I fully agree with your view. Happy thoughts will get you no-where. The World is a bad place, the Otherside is just has bad, and sometimes all you need is just action to deal with a problem. If it is justified then change will be in effect, if unjustified then there may still be change, but the end result may be not what was expected. (Look at Iraq before the war, and now, and you will see what I mean).


    1. Iraq is a good example, indeed. Since we’re living in this plane of existence, you have to take some action to effect change. If we were existing as spirit, i guess then its a different game. And inaction is allowing what is, to continue. Either way, you live withnthe consequences. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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