A beautiful poem from quaill over at Butterfly Sands.

D.N.A – http://wp.me/p38oJ0-N

My hair is from Scotland
And the twinkle in my eye
My pasty white skin
Maybe the Island of Skye

My attitude’s my own
Or my mothers I think
But dad had tenacity
And the courage not to blink

My grandmother is here
Add my grandfather too
Back generations I’m told
And yet some of its new

I believe in myself
The person I am
We’re all here together
In sort of a jam

Six generations removed
They say it began
And all through the ages
I’m just one of the clan

I give thanks to an uncle
For freckles on my nose
And then there’s that cousin
He gave me his toes

The DNA chapter
Is still being written
But scientist now
Are so very smitten

Your looks and your manners
Began in your past
If good you will keep them
If not they won’t last

So look to the future
Your descendants to come
Think of the habits
You can give them for fun

3 thoughts on “Ancestor appreciation!

  1. Very cute and very true. To look back on our past family is a mission I will one day undertake. I am a melting pool of all their genes and DNA. To learn about the individual people and their stories will likely shed light on who I have become.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely poem.

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