Today I did one of my favorite things, take my bike to our library and check out a bunch of mysteries.


Last year, I didn’t ride it once. I was taking care of dad and mom. Sometimes life sweeps you up in a whirlwind. Still, it felt so good to do this.

And a big shout out to Leanne at Saving without Scrimping who shared her peach ice tea recipe. Tons of good stuff there. I made the simple syrup and tea today and now have books, tea and summer to look forward to.


6 thoughts on “Vacation totally off topic

  1. Looking at that lovely bike, I concluded you either need to raise the seat or audition for the Wizard of Oz the next time it is in town. Are you really this little?

    Leanne is a sweet person and so committed to achieving her goals. I’ll bet her recipe for that tea is delicious.

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  2. Omg, thank you Leaane. The ice tea is delicious. I brought mom home Saturday and we sat on the porch drnking peach tea. Sometime I feel like a piker compared to other bloggers. I wander here, complain there,… but I enjoy all the peopleI meet.


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