Today is Summer Solstice and a full moon. My annual practice is to gather all my stones and crystals and put them outside, near my garden, to recharge them. And to give them a rest from me.

Last year I made an error of judgement by putting my himalayan salt wand in with the group. The dew disintegrated most of it onto the other stones, and to the chain of a pendant.  Lesson learned!

Some of my stones were already involved in a new grid, and I left the grid intact. Many of these stones carry the property of not needing a cleansing, particularly the kyanite and the selenite, and the rest have not been used for a specific purpose that would require cleansing. I just like to give them the break to be outside, in the sun and moon, and honor them.

So, back to the grid.image

I don’t do a lot of grids, but later this summer, the RNC is coming to Cleveland,

Shout out to Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 NBA Champions

not all that far from my home. As with any large gathering of people, there is going to be a lot of energy coming from the city, and I want my home and area to stay calm and peaceful, so I constructed a grid designed for this purpose.

If you aren’t a crystal enthusiast, you may wonder what the heck I mean. They’re rocks right?  Well, there’s a couple things going on here. All matter vibrates. Crystals and stones also carry vibrations. My main source is Melody’s “Love is the Earth” book, (Melody is a geologist who conducted tests on the rocks/crystals) but she is one of many reliable resources for gems, stones and crystals. Buying a crystal, alone, won’t change much, but working with them, with intention, will bring results. ( I know, is it the stone or your intention? HA Chicken or egg? )

So, since I am have historically been very bad about setting boundaries, I wanted to set a boundary for any crappiness that oozed away from the convention. Do I worry that an errant supporter will come to my house? No, I have a fence for that. I am talking about the kind of energy that makes people less aware of their surroundings, and results in fender-benders and careless accidents. That, I don’t want to infiltrate.

Now about my grid. It’s placed on a mandala I made from – ta da – my favorite childhood toy, Spirograph        61sZ7FLlbnL._AC_UL115_.

The center stone is a selenite wand to hold the space of highest vibration. Surrounding it are stones for several intentions. Black stones are grounding, so there are four in a circle to ground any errant energy that come flying near us. There’s a kyanite and several hematite in this grid, plus one is a snowflake obsidian.The pink stone is rhodochrosite, for healing and love, the blue is lapis lazuli, for righteous speech, the orange is carnelian, for the highest level of creativty.  They are connected by clear quartz points, who act as amplifiers to that energy. There is one smokey quartz wand in there – this is also a stone that alleviates negative energy.
My point here is to stress that what you set as an intention, does matter. Will these stones, alone, prevent something weird from occuring? No. But by having a visual reminder of my intention-right speech, compassion, creativity and safety- I am setting myself up for a successful experience. Ps. You can just pick up a fine looking rock, and have a great experience working with it.



16 thoughts on “Summer Solstice Grid

  1. I live in a permanent, terminal RNC. I apparently need this. 🙂

    I have thought about what might be possible with my odd collection of stones. I keep a kind of grid for healing on my altar, but it has more to do with the symbols on the stones than with the stones themselves. Something different might be possible with the amethyst cathedral and spheres I have, but I’m not sure what.

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  2. Omg. I totally love that giant cluster and yes, you need that bad boy. I will help you liberate it. Good on you for working with the symbols, we’re called to do our own thing, and really its always the intention and cooperation with the partnership. I ask our trees to act as guardians, one is also a healer tree and another is my wisdom teacher. Not surprisng.

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    1. I don’t often get impressions of any kind from photos, but just looking at that cluster…wow. I just know my teeth would vibrate and my hair would ache if I stood that close to it.

      I had a nice relationship with a tree for a while that offered to serve as a kind of Reiki storage battery and transmitter. I sent it Reiki, and it sent it out into the world, or to someone who was asking for a boost from the universe, or just anywhere it seemed needed. I liked that; I may have to look into finding another tree-friend willing to enter into that relationship.

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      1. That is so cool! I hope you find another tree to work with. I made a mistake tucking a lot of crystals in bed with me at first and wondered why I was hyper at night.

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  3. I love this, Karen! And you are so right about intention being at the root of all workings…I would say it is the most important ‘tool’ of all.

    I haven’t got a grid on the go at the moment as such. I think I just might do myself a selenite one later today in celebration too. Thanks for the idea!

    I hope your day is a wonderful one!

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  4. I really enjoy your explanations. As I’ve mentioned, this is an area I lack ANY expertise and always enjoy the learning process.
    Intention is an important component in life overall. I remember when physicists said it was physically impossible to run the mile in less than 4 minutes. Then came Roger Bannister; a runner whose mind had already successfully created this outcome before ever putting his feet on the track. And, on May 6th, 1954 the event took place and disproved science as Roger ran the event in 3:59.4.
    Whether it’s energy from vibrating crystals or from innate intelligence within our bodies, its reality creates outcomes that exceed the limitations of our physical boundaries.

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    1. I completely agree with you – I believe intention creates the path. When you visualize it, believe it and importantly, feel it – whether it’s running under 4 minutes, losing weight, getting a new job, you bring it into reality. One of the first books I read on this subject was Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization. It’s been in print for quite awhile, but I liked it when I read it. I used the exercises to get my mind out of a rut, and to focus on what I wanted to achieve, instead of what was bugging me. And, thank you for reading! I am so glad I bring something to the table.

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