Excellent analysis of fear messaging from The Heretic and the Holy Man. Thank you Joe Broadmeadow.

The Heretic and The Holy Man

During the political season, the fundamental lack of rationality and intellectual ability rears its ugly head. Americans are blinded by fear.

They fear what they either do not understand and are unwilling to make any effort to do so. Fear mongering works.

Politicians know this. They understand that if they can find the voters’ deepest darkest fears and play to it, they win. The media, motivated by market share, provides the platform. They are the method to the fear monger’s madness.

They understand if they portray themselves as the one thing standing between America and what it fears most, they win.

Just like the pathetic post 9-11 chant, if we don’t destroy them the terrorists win.

This fear mongering is non-denominational. Trump paints the world, immigrants, Muslims,  Democrats as an evil that is infecting America.

Clinton portrays Trump as an inarticulate bigot with delusions of grandeur.

Each play to the…

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9 thoughts on “Fear Mongering and the Media

  1. This same approach is used in Health Care. It promulgates an industry’s wealth at the expense of human suffering. It creates volatile emotional weakness robbing the individual of the capability to accept the responsibilities necessary for directing one’s own health. All of this destruction in the name of POWER and CONTROL. …and we justify these behaviors in the name of DEMOCRACY!

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  2. I totally get why people go “off grid”. It’s hard to get the space to think and make a proper decision. Once there’s a benefit to someone else – a vote, cash, etc.- you feel hounded.

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  3. Absolutely! And then there are pain in the necks like me that politely and respectfully butt heads with the establishment to let perfect strangers know they have not been abandoned. I truly feel sorry for the establishment. I couldn’t imagine living a life where my basic philosophical, ethical and moral beliefs took a backseat to PROFIT. To believe that gains in life can only be achieved at the expense of others is WRONG.

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  4. I’ll give him this: He did manage not to actually use the word “sheeple,” and that must have been literally, physically painful to him. So he just implied it in everything he said instead. But bravo to him for being morally and intellectually superior to ALL 320-odd million of the rest of us, and the only one who thinks. (He didn’t say that? Yeah, he did. It wasn’t “some Americans,” or “many” or even “most.” Just “Americans.” Except for him, of course. Oh, and Bernie Sanders, apparently. I assume he wasn’t included in the order to try thinking. Arrogant much?)

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  5. I’m all for encouraging people to think for themselves and not to base their opinions on what they hear on the news. Everyone ought to be thinking for themselves rather than behaving like sheep who follow the other ones who bleat the loudest. I don’t even watch the news on TV anymore. It’s not so much a roundup as a steamroll over.

    Get our heads out of our six foot of space and start seeing what’s really going on outside!

    *steps off box*

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    1. I can’t watch the news anymore either. I feel like the anchors/pundits are delighting in all the disasters, diatribe and mud-slinging. Why do we need 24/7 news channels anyway? I am tired of the fear and hate that’s on that TV. Better to hang in the backyard with the grill, know the neighbors and take of what I can, locally.

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  6. Would you be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee; I’m sigmply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.



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