Last month I made Fire Cider. This is a really old herbal remedy, so there are a zillion variations on the recipe. The one I modified is from The Mountain Rose Blog, from Mountain Rose Herbs. You can also purchase a Fire Tonic from them. They ethically harvest their seeds and plants, so this is my “go – to” if I’m not growing it myself.


You basically have a lot of hot ingredients that marinate in Apple Cider Vinegar for about a month. You decant it, compost the remains, and then store it. You can add some raw honey to sweeten it. I didn’t but based on my husband’s gagging, I should have.

In this batch I chopped onions, 10 garlic cloves, grated a ginger root, chopped some jalapeno peppers and shook in some Tumeric. It called for 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper which I misread as a 1/4 cup. Yeah. It’s THAT hot. Obviously, the capsaicin plus the apple cider is what you’re going for in this recipe.

So far, I am happy with this because at the first indication of sniffles or sneezing, I take about a half-shot. It really clears out the sinus. A friend suggested I take a teaspoon daily as a preventative. I may do that, as two people at work are out with pneumonia and bronchitis.

My second batch is marinating and will be ready in January.

Just a reminder in case you need it:



9 thoughts on “Fire Cider

  1. I had not heard of this, yet, the ingredients make complete sense. I also like the way the “waste products” are recycled. This does sound like a wonderful DAILY “tonic” that would act to strengthen the body’s immune response to combating daily pathogens.
    Thank you for sharing and adding to my arsenal of health supports.

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  2. I use a considerably less digestion-challenging version of this — cayenne, salt, vinegar, hot water — that can be mixed up for immediate use. I’ve used it for years to wonderful effect; if I catch a cold or flu in its very earliest stages and start dosing regularly, I can knock even a severe flu down to two or three days, and for the duration it soothes cough and sore throat really well (Yours should also; cayenne is wonderful for both.). One thing I’ve noticed about it is that I don’t really care for the taste when I’m healthy, but I absolutely crave it when I’m sick or getting that way. That makes a pretty reliable measure of when I can stop taking it. *laugh*

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      1. Here’s the recipe:

        1 T. fresh or powdered cayenne pepper
        1 T. salt
        1 cup boiling water
        1 cup apple cider vinegar

        Grind together the cayenne pepper and salt to form a paste; if using powdered cayenne, use a tiny bit of water to help. Add boiling water. Steep and cool. Add the vinegar. Shake or stir before each use. Most adults can take between a teaspoon and a tablespoon every half hour. If it seems too strong, dilute it (but try it first).

        I used to carry a small mason jar of it around in my purse when I was sick and take a big swig of it whenever I wanted. A doctor told me somewhere down the line that when you’re sick is the one time it’s a positive to add a little salt to your diet; you lose a lot of it during respiratory illnesses.

        The new one’s been up for a couple of weeks; I had a notice up on the other one for the first week or so, but I think the template I was using didn’t treat sticky posts correctly:

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    1. I’m pretty sure people thought I was carrying shine or something, but when flu knocked the campus on its butt four times in one semester the year I started doing that, my office had the lowest absenteeism in the department because I’d passed the recipe around after everyone noticed I was better in three days the first time.

      Enjoy the new one, just be forewarned *laugh*. I go up for the first time with Logan on Monday night. I’m nervous, but very ready to get started.

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