(It’s been forever since I’ve written: mom was hospitalized for two weeks then moved to a nursing home, where she’s doing much better. I had a filling and ended up with double vision and visit to the ER. Husband had prostate issues. And then there’s the ongoing political situation in the USA, I am doing my part in calling, fundraising and taking action for a better future in line with the ideals of Liberty, Justice for all and compassion over cruelty and greed. )

I love to light candles. They’re my go-to for honoring deity or spirit, for magick, for meditating and for setting the mood.

more candles

I’ve used votives, pillars, and the kind that come in jars.

The downside for me, is that I normally do my woo woo before I get ready for work, then halfway to work I worry I left a lit candle in the house. This probably speaks to my need to be fully present at all times as well as trusting myself that I did indeed, extinguish the flame.

Soooooooooo many times I’ve turned around and gone home and the candles weren’t lit.

Do you trust lit 7 day candles when you leave the house? This is not a problem outside and it’s obviously summer here in Ohio. I can’t wrap my head around leaving a lit candle in the house while I’m gone.

My current solution is to exchange candles for appropriately colored stones. Fortunately, my husband has gifted me with several wands and pillars that stand upright and serve as taper candles.

Not my stash, but pretty close.

But I’m not picky – I have bowls of stones that can serve in place of candles. Thanks to Melody’s epic “Love is in the Earth” I have a ready reference for qualities that I may want to incorporate into my intentions as I work.

Love is in the earth

I currently have a pie plate of small candles for a special intention – it’s outside for now- but I want to keep this work going for a year. It may end up in my basement as the most safe spot for it, even though it’s lit for less than 30 minutes at time. As long as I don’t set off the fire alarm. I probably won’t….

Best case on these workings (for me) is to use both outside when I can, for as long as I can, as well as the garden and mother nature. But come winter I may move exclusively to candles unless the working is on the weekend when I can be present the entire burn.


9 thoughts on “Candles or Crystals? Candles AND Crystals

  1. I’m still internet-alive, too, more or less! πŸ™‚

    This is going to sound so weird, but a friend of mine with OCD issues had her life changed by a doctor who gave similar advice for another issue: After you put out the candles, grab your phone and either take a photo of them or send yourself a quick text saying they’re out.

    I’ll trust seven-days, but only if the flame is entirely inside the glass (and it’s out of cat reach, of course!). In my spellcraftier days, I’d sometimes put candles that had to be left burning in the bathtub when I left the house. Generally, though, I do avoid leaving them burning.


  2. Hi Ronda! She is doing really well at the nursing home and I am really glad. She was all alone in the assisted living by her choice, but being with a lot of caring people makes a huge difference both physically – she is walking instead of wheelchair – and in a much better mood. I am grateful that her sunset years are much happier.


  3. I’m still around, and will probably be blogging again eventually, but I’m kind of in the quiet place now for a while; my life got turned on its head, and I need some processing time. Thanks, Chiron. πŸ˜›

    Yeah, when my friend told me what the doctor had done for her (Her issue was thinking she’d left the curling iron plugged in; he told her to take it to work with her so she wouldn’t keep being late while they were dealing with the underlying stuff.) I added him to my mental definition of a good doctor.

    (I hope I’m not posting this over and over; the system is having some kind of hiccups.)

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      1. I’m there, but not doing anything with it at the moment; I’ll drop a note when I’m actually doing something again.
        Things are mostly settled now. I hope it’s for good.

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