I was totally jealous when I read John Beckett’s excellent column The Otherworld is Bleeding Through

On Patheos.com. If you’ve followed this blog or my prior attempts at blogging, you know I stalk the divine. Relentlessly.

So hearing about experiences of the otherworld bleeding through more and more often inspired the typical response. “Sh*t. Why not me?”

Then I remembered this weird thing from last summer.

John and I were sitting in the backyard last summer. It was a Sunday morning, early enough that the sun was up, but still a lot of shadows cast from our house and trees. I saw this brilliant red/orange thing in one of the maples. We were maybe 10 feet away. I thought it was a kid’s balloon stuck there till I saw it move. John saw it too, wondering if someone’s exotic bird escaped. The plumage was so brilliant – was the sun catching the feathers at some angle that made it…glow? Both of us remarked on how big this bird was.

We didn’t want to scare it into flight, so we moved slowly under the tree’s canopy, maneuvering around to get a better look. And what we saw was….a cardinal. A regular size cardinal.

Sounds like we were drinking, right? We weren’t. We genuinely saw a big(ger than a cardinal) red/orange bird. Yet here we were faced with a common but lovely dark red cardinal.
We laughed of course, sort of anyway.

And now I wonder if this was my own experience of the Otherworld bleeding through. It reminds me how subtle spirit energy is, and how often I have dismissed coincidences.  If I *saw* a large orange/red bird, does that explain how people have *seen* other mythical beings? I will be on the look out for more of these bleed throughs.


3 thoughts on “Is the Otherworld bleeding through?

  1. That definitely would fall under the spiritual encounter heading for me. My rule of thumb — with birds in particular — has always been it’s just a bird, until something unusual happens, whatever would mark it as unusual on your terms. For example, I’m birdy enough to know that seeing four adult red-tailed hawks hanging around together is strange, but seeing four Harris’s hawks doing the same isn’t odd at all. Someone else might well not notice that; the message isn’t for them.

    I’ve had some unusual-for-me things happen recently that lead me to believe a former plant ally (Can you ever really call them former?) is courting me back. Part of this quiet time is deciding if that’s going to happen.

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    1. Agreed. I am not super knowledgeable about birds, but am taking notice now. Turkey Vulture is ally, and there is a group in the neighborhood till October. I am very interested in ancestor work a the moment.


  2. Like a big, bald trumpet sounding “Pay attention!” 🙂 I’ve been watching hummingbirds begin to discover the moso’oi tree, which isn’t a natural food source for them. Okay, I’m hearing.

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