Sidewalk Oracles


I want to recommend  Sidewalk Oracles by Robert Moss. I first heard about him through some friends, who were also interested in the messages we receive from dreams. Mr. Moss has studied dreams and dreaming,  and based on my friends’ recommendation, I read Dreamgates earlier this year.

And because I tend toward OCD on subjects, I ordered several other of his books. (Book-aholics! Please check out Better World Books for free shipping and to help their literacy project.)

I have always been a strong dreamer and have kept a journal that includes my dreams, for many, many years. Dreams have always fascinated me and I often receive helpful, albeit sometimes cryptic, information from them. I will let you know how the two other books are when I finish them.

So back to this one.

Sidewalk Oracles is an easy read, I was able to finish it over a weekend. There’s a lot of Mr. Moss’s personal story interspersed throughout the book, but it gives you a framework for the information he presents. The meat of the book, for me, was the chapter on asking for, and recognizing, the everyday oracles that are available.

If you’re into this kind of material, you won’t be too surprised by the content. But, I learned new things and new ways of receiving information and validations. If you’re on the cusp about this, check out Robert Moss’s blog and website. He is also on Facebook and posts some of his blog material there.



Liebster Award!

Thank you, Pujjya, from  STAY-HEALTHY&HAPPY, Love Yourself, The Most, for nominating my blog for the Liebster Award. You are a beautiful person, inside and out, and I love your posts.

So, Eleven Facts About Me:

  • Catholic education: K-College
  • Ditched religion in favor of finding spirituality/truth/Giant Spaghetti Monster on my own.
  • Love to read
  • Spoil my dog
  • Spoil my husband
  • Not afraid of death
  • Working on a cleaner diet, one meal at a time
  • Love my job
  • Not a big social media person
  • Drove stick shift cars until 2014
  • Redhead

And here are my answers to Pujjya’s questions:

  • Is life short or long??
    1. Life is what you make it. Time is irrelevant
  • Why do you think the color pink is thought to be girly??
    1. I keep thinking of a blush rose, one between white of purity and the red of passion
  • Which is better mountain or sea???
    1. I love mountains, but I like seashores too…
  • Who is your favorite person??
    1. My dad
  • If asked to sing a song what will it be??
    1. Somewhere, beyond the sea ( but I would sing it poorly, so click the link and listen to Frank
  • Do you believe in ghosts?? If so then why??
    1. Yes, doesn’t everyone?
  • What is your favorite drink??
    1. Coffee in the morning, when the aroma is filling the kitchen and the day is new.
  • Who do you think to be a better contestant for USA ? Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump..
    1. Headdesk…..
  • How far you can go for your love??
    1. To the moon and back
  • What is your favorite blog post till date and Why?
    1. Working with the Ancestors, Part I , because right now, that’s what I’m focused on.
  • Why did you start blogging?Just to have a place to write out my thoughts. It’s different from the journal I keep, a little broader focused perhaps.

I totally apologies for the short list of nominees that follows, and you can blame me that it takes me forever to figure out how to post stuff, and I am only starting to follow more and more blogs. Sorry!!! There are a million awesome blogs out there, many with less than 200 followers and these are just a few of the wonderful people who inspire me.

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Eleven questions from me:

  1. What are you doing, right now?
  2. Where do you want to be one year from now?
  3. Pets?
  4. Who inspires you?
  5. What thrills you?
  6. What is your superpower?
  7. You can change one thing in the world. What is it?
  8. Morning person or night owl?
  9. Red or white wine?
  10. Guilty pleasure?
  11. What is your dream job?



One Lovely Blog Award

screen-shot-2016-05-22-at-2-36-55-pmThank you to Saving Without Scrimping for nominating Hart of the Forest for  the “One Lovely Blog Award”!  I have learned sooo much from her – you can budget and keep the joy and excitement in your life. Plus, great tips, great recipes and just a fun, fun person.

Guidelines for the “One Lovely Blog Award”:
•Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
•Add the One Lovely Blog Award logo to your post and/or blog.
•Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.
•Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

7 Random Things:

  1. I have a parrot tattoo on my shoulder a la Jimmy Buffet and the random desire to be pirate. Arrgh!
  2. My favorite book is The Three Musketeers and I had a crush on Athos and Cardinal Richelieu.
  3. I love reading mysteries and creep my husband out when I point out “how -to” methods from my latest read.
  4. Hate to travel.
  5. Love to lay on the grass and watch the clouds.
  6. Believe there is good all around us, but we shouldn’t be naive.
  7. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood

I nominate these blogs and enjoy their posts, please give them a look too:

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A less bitter post

Bitterness and being run down, ran through my last post. Sorry there.

So today I want to talk about cursing and soul loss

Your words have power. So do the images you see.

This week, I encountered two versions of this. download 2


download 1

In the first instance, cursing – as in cursing someone – I got in the way of someone else’s anger and hostility. It doesn’t matter why or who they really should have directed this at, they directed it at me.

We’ve all been there. People project, they’re scared, whatever. But they lash out and you’re the target. Sometimes you can walk away from this, sometimes it follows you. In my case, at this time, it felt like a dark cloud of stinging bees in my chest.

Now, this is not some Woo Woo thing, this is the power of the spoken word, backed up with emotion. Very high emotion. To the point I felt I was vibrating with it. Since I was at work, and thankfully not operating heavy machinery, i.e., my car, I tried to get myself to ground, to breathe deeply and to let go.

If you’ve been involved in any type of body work: yoga, reiki, chi qong, you know that breathing correctly, fully and deeply, is very important part of getting centered and being in a place to let go. In other words, release the fight or flight feeling.

Now, I’m fully aware of all the right things to do, but I am blessed to have a shamanic community to reach out to, and so I did. I texted Lisa, and she sent healing, calm energy. Between her energy help, and my practices, I could function at work within a short time.

What if I had not done this?

I would have sat with this energy-that-did-not-belong, all day, all by myself, reliving the words, the feelings, what I should have said, blah blah blah. And even though I was pretty ok after a short time, for sure the experience stung. It was misplaced, I did not react or respond in kind, but it still had a bad effect. And this is what cursing is. You’re sitting with energy that was flung (or taken or however it came to you) at you and IT IS NOT YOURS. Now, imagine being so scattered by the emotions that you get behind the wheel of a car. This is recipe for an accident. See? curse.

The second incident – soul- loss, happened to a friend.



He saw an online petition to stop animal cruelty, and when he clicked, a video of two young kids torturing and killing a dog, played. The adults filming were laughing and egging them on. (For the record, this was a FB video that a rescue group was trying to find the source of, to arrest the people involved, however, that was not clear on the site.)

Anyway, my friend experienced soul-loss. He was so deeply affected by the images that he could not get himself together. He couldn’t get warm, he couldn’t eat. He was deeply distressed. He also has had a lot training, and couldn’t overcome this by himself. He did ritual with his own rescue dog, to honor the soul of the dog in the video, but he was hurting.

He also reached out, to our group and to other practitioners he as worked with.

So, this is a cautionary post. Watch how you feel. Check in with yourself, especially if you spend time on social media or watching the news. What you see and hear does affect you – it affects your cells as well as your emotional well-being.

There are a zillion awesome and loving souls out there, but it only takes a couple zingers to send you into a place you don’t want to be. Find your center, find a community and be well.



“The Life Changing Magic…”

I went through the self-help book craze awhile ago, like in my forties. Then a couple weeks ago a friend posted this title on her FB page.

It is a very irreverent look at how good, responsible people get so caught up in other peoples’ perceived obligations (to those other people), that their own lives are shunted to the side, or worse, lost altogether.

Read an excerpt

I have been feelng under-water with my life. The past 18 months have been wrapped up in parental care and the bureaucracy that follows death. One of the tasks is to sell my parent’s home to ensure funds for mom’s care.

I am one of three kids. Like so many parents did, they tagged each of us with what they thought was our dominate trait. The Smart One, The Funny One and The Responsible One.

Guess which one I am?

I didn’t actually appreciate having to clean out a large house (filled a 5 ton dumpster) or manage mom’s care with only my husband to help. I did however get a lot of neat excuses.

“It’s not possible” to the request to come home and help me move mom.

“oh dear” to the night I spent in the ER with mom

“…..” That’s a zero response after I called out The Funny One on his promises, that he didn’t keep – to mom, not to me.

I read the book for the laughs. But guess what? I actually found some useful information including a flow chart and several diagrams.

THANK YOU SARAH! I keep this in my purse.

What it boils down to, is you only have so many cares (replace with F word) to give in a day – or a lifetime. Those cares represent time, money and emotions.

Think about that. How much emotion or time or money can you give to other people’s stuff? It depends right? And how guilty should you feel when you say no? Answer: You should never feel guilty about saying “no.” But we do. I do.

So it is all about prioritizing what YOU can afford to care about.

This was the value for me: I found a way to draw a line in the sand, without equivocation or backing down. Did I still have to do all the work myself? Yes. Did I have to roll over be nice about it? No. I wasn’t an asshole about it, although The Funny One didn’t think so, but The Funny One is the one with his crap still in the house-that-is-listed-for-sale.

Is this related to shamanism? Yes, in the sense that we all have to reclaim our personal power before we can attempt to help others. Yes, because I have ALWAYS had problems with boundaries and it ended up either with shame (“good girls are not selfish. You are selfish for not doing as I ask”) or with me in a simmering passive/aggressive mode.

And I don’t like either behavior.

So, New Year, new attitude.


Do pets grieve?


A friend emailed me after her much-loved dog had crossed.

“Do the other dogs miss her?” she asked.

I thought about this for awhile, because, you know, death and grieving don’t really have words. They are States of Being. And I wanted to honor those States of Being. I went to my guides for information.

I told her that at this time*, I believe that dogs live in the present moment. They are very much aware of “now.” And in her household, her other dogs could still smell Lily, but they could not see her physical presence. When I checked in on them about this, they expressed confusion. “Lily is not here, but we smell Lily.”

My friend was disappointed, because of course she was heartbroken over Lily’s death. She wanted confirmation that this loss was also felt by the other dogs in her house.

“They will be able to see Lily when she is present in spirit-form,” I told her. You’ve seen dogs and cats just stare off at something, they have a more refined set senses than we do. So for them, it is not the same emotional trauma. They understand loss, as in “not here” but they do not dwell on that.

This is a tough subject – well, death is always so, in our culture – but with pets, we really want to imprint human characteristics on them. Believe me, I do it all the time. In many ways, they are so much more advanced (spiritually) than we give them credit for.

I wanted to reassure my friend that everything and everyone was ok, (they were and so is her beloved pet in spirit), and that she shouldn’t judge her other pets’ behavior based on her very raw emotions.

  • This is my disclaimer: My beliefs are always evolving. This is what I believe now, based on my experience up to now. Someone else’s experience may be very different, so please honor everyone’s perspective.


Penny from Heaven

Many years ago, I lost a beloved companion animal, one that took my heart – she was my heart. She was just a special soul, in a special way, at a very important time.

Her presence was so meaningful for me, and the loss so keen, that I contacted another animal communicator to reach her and see if she would one day return to me.

The conversation was a long one, and the upshot was, when I learned the lesson of Lassie’s life, and death, then she would reincarnate with me again.

So. There was work to be done to see what those lessons were. And they are irrelevant to this post. What is relevant, is that the bond of love never dies, whether it’s a pet or a person.

Several years ago, I felt it may be time to touch Lassie and see if she was ready to come back to this plane. In my mediation, she showed me a dog that had half of it’s face shadowed by darker fur, and she showed the tail as short or darkened somehow at the base.

I really really wanted her to come back.

Rhett Butler and me in 2009

We currently had a senior rescue coonhound that we loved dearly, Rhett Butler, an amazing soul who would probably have tolerated another dog. Rhett was so afraid when he came to us – and me being me, I wanted him to have a name that would give him dignity and respect when uttered. So, Rhett Butler he became.

Rhett collapsed in our house during the Super Bowl last year. He couldn’t use his back legs at all, and it was a horrible Monday morning that we released him to spirit at our vet’s.

Meanwhile I was caring for my dad with cancer, and my mom with dementia. And working. So why was I trolling through rescue sites looking for a dog, when the last thing I needed was another soul to care for.

I journeyed to my Wise Tree. “Why am I obsessed with this, what can possibly be a good outcome for bring a new dog into our home in winter?” And Tree showed me playing in the yard with a small dog.

Playing. Something I hadn’t even thought of since my dad had gotten sick, when my days were spent at hospitals or my parent’s home and my nights were filled with worry and anxiety and tears.

A month after Rhett crossed, I applied for a beagle at a rescue. They were so sorry! that dog had been rescued, could they interest me in a little mix? Cattle dog and Rat Terrier?

We emailed information back and forth, and almost didn’t consider her, even though her picture, well, it was really close to what Lassie showed me.

Penny Lane


She had been abused, was dog aggressive, her previous owner said she tore up stuff. Almost the exact opposite of Lassie’s behavior. But the rescue *knew* we could help this little girl. They tested her at their house for destruction – there was none. They let us have a trial run. So of course, we fell in love. Her name was Penny.

There was a lot of synchronicity in this story and I’m afraid I haven’t told it well. You may ask, well if this is Lassie, why is she different? My answer at this point in my understanding is, there is part of the soul-of-Lassie, and other parts of SOUL as well. Lassie was a shy dog, one who went nutsy during storms. Penny is not shy, very protective of her (and our) space. So, I see balance – for and for me.
In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in reincarnation or not. But I know a lot of people who grieve for their pets so deeply and so badly want that pet to come back. This is my story, and I hope it helps someone.


A Little Woo Woo


Our Blogging 101 assignment was to pick an event from the Community Event listings and participate. I am participating in monthly challenge of Your Woo Story by  #MyWooStory  My Woo Story.

So I am cheating a little by reposting from a blog I started in 2013 that went for a bout a year, until my dad got sick and I had to put everything on hold for my family. That blog was called My Grail Quest.

Fifteen years ago, I had a dark night of the soul that set me on a journey to find something sacred to believe in. Most of the time, it felt like I was thrashing around in a dark tunnel with no direction whatsoever. Occasionally I’d latch on to a philosophy and read it to death. I ended up with bookcases of material, some noteworthy, some dreadful.

But no direction.

This was frustrating. I wanted a plan but mostly I wanted (a or any) god to drop a neon sign that Clearly Gave Direction, as to what I was here for, and what I was to do. Because I’ve always felt this dissatisfying itch, that I was supposed to “do” something. Something…Big. Something…Important.

A lot of dialogue went on in my head. I kept asking for signs. One morning, a voice screamed in my head “You have what you need, within you.”

So this is my Grail Quest. To find what I have, within me.

Some of these posts will no doubt skirt the subject, but whatever the ‘something’ is, I’ll find out.


To be

I am having a pretty good week, quest-wise. I feel the Connection to the Source, which is reassuring. Wednesday morning I felt confident enough to do a shamanic journey.

Journeying is like reading the Tarot cards, you have to be in the right frame of mind. No anxiety or stress because that will cut your connection to Source. No desperation because you’ll be reaching for an outcome.

Those can be rare conditions and I took advantage of feeling at peace.

As usual, my question involved What Am I Here To Do? I worry I’m wasting my time on earth. And that time is running out.  And that I won’t find another job that’s fulfilling and that supports me. Ugh. Monkey mind.

In my journey, I was shown a beautiful swimming pool. Clear blue water under a sunny sky. My teacher said “Look at the water. It’s always water but sometimes it’s the ocean, sometimes it’s rain. Sometimes it’s ice or snow or vapor. But …”

“It’s always water,” I said.

“It doesn’t have a problem with that.”

I heard an implied question. I’m the one who has a  problem being who I am.

Who was I?

“Can I go in the pool?”

“Of course,” he lit a cigarette. He was wearing frayed cut offs. “You can take it with you, you know.”

I got in and floated. It felt amazing. Relaxing. Just to be.

And that was the message.

It’s ok to just “Be” or “be.”

Sink or Swim, aka, Fake it till you make it

Blogging 101 Assignment: Writing prompt

I was a painfully shy kid. Maybe it was being the oldest, maybe it was because my mom was an only child and I picked up on how insecure she felt about raising me.

Anyway, beyond furious blushing, I tried to stay in the background and shrink away from sight anytime I was outside of familiar territory. My parents were from the old-school of “kids should be seen and not heard” which only really worked with me, by the way.

Eventually I felt very trapped by my own fears. By the time I went to college – a small Catholic women’s college – I pretty much knew I had to do something to overcome this. I just didn’t know where to start. This was the early 80’s before self-help gurus.

I had a really big dream though.

I wanted to work for the CIA.

I know, right? shy Catholic kid from the midwest. Probably read too many Robert Ludlum books, but I was idealistic enough to want to make a difference.

So I pranced my ass down to Washington, D.C. with some girlfriends for a week. My mom said I would never bother to go interview anywhere, it was a off-hand comment, but sort of stung.

Our first stop, after getting overcharged by a taxi driver, was to our Congressman’s office, . we got our picture taken with him on the Capital steps. I mustered the nerve to ask about job opportunities, thinking they’d blow me off. But they let me use their typewriter to fill out applications and rewrite my resume.

Two months later, I got a call from the CIA to interview.  There were a battery of tests, and two different trips to D.C. It was an amazing time, and included a trip with just me and my Dad to D.C. (because what father would let is 22 year old daughter go alone to the CIA to interview, right? My dad was a total hit with a lot of the staff.)

There’s a lot of funny stuff to this story, but it’s outside the theme of this post.

Needless to say, my mom was clicking the beads furiously that I didn’t get the job.

And after 7 months of interviewing, I was cut. And devastated.

But – this became my benchmark for overcoming my shyness. “If I can interview with the CIA, I can do ___________.” And for years, until I grew into a confident person, I used this mantra.

Don’t let YOU be your stumbling block. See yourself in the role you want, the job you want, the life you desire, and find one thing you accomplished and let it be your benchmark until you reach that goal.

Losing a pet

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment is to compose a post, based on a comment I made yesterday.


Cammy’s furkid transitioned to spirit. When I read her post The Dignity and the Mystery, I was really touched, because we lost our Rhett Butler this time, last year. He was a gentle soul, a rescued coonhound of middle age back in 2009, and dearly loved.

Rhett Butler, October 2009

There are no greater optimists, then those who love an animal and bring them into their homes. You know they will leave you one day. And despite this heartache, we do it again and again.

Why is this?

Everyone will have a different answer. For me, it is because I cannot imagine life without a dog.Their love is unconditional. And a rescue dog, well, you save a life and that will allow another dog to be rescued and find their forever home.

I was with Rhett at the end, and before him, with our basset hound Aerosmith.

Aerosmith, summer 2008

This is sacred time. And through the tears, we told each of them how loved they were, and how we would miss them, but that we understood. When Aero passed, I felt his spirit lift and a sense of a gold/yellow presence ran off to go chase a scent. Through the tears, I realized he had given me a great gift, the gift of feeling his spirit run free, and the knowing that life never ends, it just changes.


And from their lessons, I learned to cherish the sacred time I had with my dad, before and as he transitioned. We should all have this gift, this reverence for life, as it comes in and as it transitions forward.