Penny from Heaven

Many years ago, I lost a beloved companion animal, one that took my heart – she was my heart. She was just a special soul, in a special way, at a very important time.

Her presence was so meaningful for me, and the loss so keen, that I contacted another animal communicator to reach her and see if she would one day return to me.

The conversation was a long one, and the upshot was, when I learned the lesson of Lassie’s life, and death, then she would reincarnate with me again.

So. There was work to be done to see what those lessons were. And they are irrelevant to this post. What is relevant, is that the bond of love never dies, whether it’s a pet or a person.

Several years ago, I felt it may be time to touch Lassie and see if she was ready to come back to this plane. In my mediation, she showed me a dog that had half of it’s face shadowed by darker fur, and she showed the tail as short or darkened somehow at the base.

I really really wanted her to come back.

Rhett Butler and me in 2009

We currently had a senior rescue coonhound that we loved dearly, Rhett Butler, an amazing soul who would probably have tolerated another dog. Rhett was so afraid when he came to us – and me being me, I wanted him to have a name that would give him dignity and respect when uttered. So, Rhett Butler he became.

Rhett collapsed in our house during the Super Bowl last year. He couldn’t use his back legs at all, and it was a horrible Monday morning that we released him to spirit at our vet’s.

Meanwhile I was caring for my dad with cancer, and my mom with dementia. And working. So why was I trolling through rescue sites looking for a dog, when the last thing I needed was another soul to care for.

I journeyed to my Wise Tree. “Why am I obsessed with this, what can possibly be a good outcome for bring a new dog into our home in winter?” And Tree showed me playing in the yard with a small dog.

Playing. Something I hadn’t even thought of since my dad had gotten sick, when my days were spent at hospitals or my parent’s home and my nights were filled with worry and anxiety and tears.

A month after Rhett crossed, I applied for a beagle at a rescue. They were so sorry! that dog had been rescued, could they interest me in a little mix? Cattle dog and Rat Terrier?

We emailed information back and forth, and almost didn’t consider her, even though her picture, well, it was really close to what Lassie showed me.

Penny Lane


She had been abused, was dog aggressive, her previous owner said she tore up stuff. Almost the exact opposite of Lassie’s behavior. But the rescue *knew* we could help this little girl. They tested her at their house for destruction – there was none. They let us have a trial run. So of course, we fell in love. Her name was Penny.

There was a lot of synchronicity in this story and I’m afraid I haven’t told it well. You may ask, well if this is Lassie, why is she different? My answer at this point in my understanding is, there is part of the soul-of-Lassie, and other parts of SOUL as well. Lassie was a shy dog, one who went nutsy during storms. Penny is not shy, very protective of her (and our) space. So, I see balance – for and for me.
In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in reincarnation or not. But I know a lot of people who grieve for their pets so deeply and so badly want that pet to come back. This is my story, and I hope it helps someone.