Coked-up Squirrel

Two days into the work week and I feel like a coked-up squirrel.

This is the result of having to manage a continuously evolving situation (COVID-19 protocols for a non-profit) a print deadline, and a very Type-A Executive.

Efforts to stay on top of program and scheduling changes resulted in too many emails, and wasted effort. Tuesday was a wash, rinse repeat day. To my credit, I got on top of this early today.

I apologized to my printer for firing a bunch of questions at him. He kindly blamed the current anxiety over COVID-19. I was afraid to tell him, that it’s business as usual at my office since he’s a new vendor.

My general social habits seem to mirror the social distancing we’re asked to undertake, so staying home, reading, listening to music and eating are pretty much my winter norm. I used to berate myself for not being more outgoing, social and involved, but who knew this would actually come in handy?

Today I felt the oppression of anxiety and fear and I have to admit, I was picking it up off of others. Yes, I’m worried about mom in the nursing home, and want to do my part in my community, but right now, and THIS IS FOR YOU TOO, those of us who have studied metaphysical, spiritual, magical paths, need to practice that self-care we’re always telling others to do.

So drag out your relaxation tapes/CDs/YouTube Videos and breath.

And for something different (It’s St. Patrick’s Day) here is a YouTube video of the Three Irish Tenors singing Too Ra LooRa LooRa

House of Cray-Cray


Astrology fascinates me, but I am intimated by it too. Years ago, I had a couple charts done by ARE (Edgar Cayce Foundation) and poured over them. A friend with astrology interests told me that a natal chart can show you what your potential is, and went on to talk about the different schools of astrology. I tried to read about it, but got lost in the trines and sextiles and gave up.

So of course now this astrology¬† interest resurfaces through a new podcast I’m obsessed with, WitchDoctorate by Renee Watts. (shout out to Ryan Singer’s mindcast “Me and Paranormal You” where I found Renee.) Both pods are on iTunes.

I was sharing astrology stuff this with a friend, about signs and the twelve houses, and she said “well, things are just crazy AF right now, where is that?”

And so the House of Cray-Cray was discovered.

Losing your perspective? You’re in a Cray-Cray Transit. Feeling in a funk and things aren’t going well? It’s a Cray-Cray Retrograde.

No more “House of the Rising Sun.” Make House of the Rising Cray-Cray” your go-to astrology sign.